Lightning fast web server designed for security, streaming and static content
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nano RTOS


  • Low latency audio and video streaming platforms
  • Efficient content dellivery in datacenters
  • Faster than the competition: NGINX, Apache, IIS
  • Cross-platform: Linux, OpenWRT, Docker, BSD, Windows, macOS, iOS
  • Cross-architecture: Intel, ARM, MIPS
  • Secure and reliable
    • Runs with restricted permissions to mitigate the risks of exploits
    • Each virtual directory can be accessed as a different user
    • White or black-list of file extensions
    • HTTP Strict-Transport-Security, upgrade to HTTPS, TLS 1.3
    • A+ score on SSLlabs
  • Optimized content delivery
    • Supports minified files
    • Supports hundreds of simultaneous connections
    • Efficient CPU usage, written in C++
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Directory listing with built-in image viewer and audio/video playback


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