Lightning fast web server designed for security, streaming and static content
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Project highlights:

  • Terminal velocity
    • Delivers content as fast as the disk can read it
    • Get the maximum out of the network
    • Low latency streaming
  • Written in C++
  • Multithreaded design
    • Supports hundreds of simultaneous connections
    • Double buffering ensures the most efficient content delivery
      • Each connection is served by two dedicated threads
      • Read and send data at the same time
  • Optimized caching scheme based on content type and size
    • Small files are cached
    • Streaming and range requests are optimized for random access
    • Large files use unbuffered IO
      • Faster access at lower CPU usage
      • Does not polute the cache
      • Synchronized read queue to avoid disk thrashing
  • Supports directory listing with image viewer and audio/video playback
  • Dedicated memory buffers for each connection
    • No runtime allocation, buffers are always ready to use


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